Precious Time Christian Preschool

Welcome to Precious Time Christian Preschool!

Our purpose is to minister to the children and families of our congregation and the surrounding community. We are a multicultural, multi-ethnic preschool community that will contribute to the quality of the children’s lives through age appropriate activities, relationships, and daily experiences within the context of God’s love and purpose. they learn best through concrete experiences and active exploration. Play is a very significant way children learn.

Everything teaches: the classroom environment, relationships among children, adults and the curriculum.

Children learn best in a safe and secure environment, where the children are respected and are taught to respect their peers and their teachers, and where guidance and discipline are just, loving and consistent.


Precious Time Christian Preschool offers a faith-based approach to preschool education and early childhood development starting from the age 2 to grade school. The curriculum and program methods focus on key areas such as creative art, music, self-awareness, discipline, motorskills and language development, science, math and social skills.

Being a Christian preschool, we sing songs and tell stories about Jesus and other Bible stories. We do not in any way force our beliefs on the children. We Also share our Christian values in the context of God’s love.

We also have special activities and events like field trips to farms, museums, and other exhibits that can contribute to the learning experience of the children. We have special days such Grandparent’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebration.

A morning and afternoon snack along with lunch is served and is part of the tuition fee. For further information or questions about the school please contact us either by phone or email.


Our teachers and staff all meet California Licensing requirements and are required to complete ongoing workshops for their continuing education.

Wanda Sawicka – Director

My name is Wanda Sawicka and I am a director of the Precious Time Christian Preschool. I have been early childhood educator and preschool director for 19 years.

My roots are from Poland where I was born and grew up.

I am married and we have one already grown son.

I truly love being a part of the children’s growth and development. The children are in childcare most of their waking hours and I wanted to be an important part of making their environment safe, stable and nurturing

Rosalie A. Cruz – Teacher, PTCP – Associate Teacher

Rosalie started teaching at Precious Time in 2001. She has had a pivotal role in the success of the school. She graduated from Saint Louis College, another highly-accredited university in the Philippines. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics minoring in English and Filipino. Rosalie then became the head of the Math Department of the school and taught for 30 years. She has earned the required credits to teach early childhood education in the U.S.

Cheryl Chrisostomo – Teacher Assistant

A graduate of Child Development from CSU East Bay in Hayward, California.


Precious Time Christian Preschool
Saint Paul United Methodist Church
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We are excited to be part of your child’s precious times.