Skills Database Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this form, and how will the collected information be shared?
The purpose of this form is to collect information for two separate needs:

  1. To publish a business-type directory for people in our congregation, but it would not be limited to businesses. The directory would allow anyone in the congregation to promote their skills, services or crafts, and would allow them to barter, if they so choose (an indicator would be placed in the directory). Once published, the directory will be made available for distribution at church.
  2. To develop a database of people in our congregation that may be willing to use their skills to help the church, or someone in the congregation or community. If a need arises in the church or community that requires a particular skill, the database will be consulted to find someone who is able to meet the need. The information collected for this purpose will be accessible only by key persons, approved by the church, who can match skills to needs. Naturally, the “matchmaker” would contact the person(s) with the required skills and only finalize the match if the skilled person is willing or gives permission for the information to be shared.

Note that each skill will be shared according to what the user selects for that skill. The user may select any or all options for each skill:

  • Place in directory
  • Willing to barter (applies only to items placed in directory)
  • Willing to volunteer – church only (or congregation)
  • Willing to volunteer – community

How will my skill be listed in the directory?

Entries will be listed according to category, then your specific skills associated with that category will be listed under your name. For example:


John Q Congregation
   Car Tune-Up, Minor Auto Repair
   1234 Fremont Blvd.
   Fremont, CA 945xx

* indicates service-provider may be willing to barter

What does it mean to barter?

Those who choose to be listed in the directory and indicate that they are willing to barter may be willing to trade their services for some other service. For example, someone might want to exchange some auto repair for house cleaning. Any negotiations for bartering will be entirely between the service-provider and the caller. The service-provider may refuse to barter their service even if the directory indicates that they may be willing to barter.

What if I want two different directory entries—that is, with different addresses or contact info?

Some people may want to enter their business, with business address and number, as well as a skill with their home address and phone number. To do so, just enter the information for the second entry in the Second Directory Entry.

What is the cost?

Though we will gladly accept donations to defray the cost, the directory entries, as well as the finished printed directories, are free of charge to the congregation.

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