Lance’s updat 2/10

* I’ve lost all sense of time. Had to ask Monika what day it was. It’s truly “go with the flow” here. Lots of meet and greets and waiting around. everytime you meet someone, you have to eat. I’m slowly going crazy. ..
* We’re in Santiago City. Much better than Manila. Less crowded. We’re gathering supplies before w head up for our final mission day in the rice terraces of banaue. We’re reaching out to the tribal people. We were instructed that they speak very good English, but few speak Tagolag. We also have to be careful about offending them. We’ll have to taste any food they offer us. . . We’ll see how this goes with my tummy.

* We’re having space problems. Buying rice up in Banaue is very expensive. Didn’t realize that rice is imported in that area. Even though it’s the rice terraces, they don’t produce enough rice for consumption. We may rent a truck to help carry rice up to this area. I have offered to ride on top to stay cool.

* Yesterday, there was a brownout all day and then the water shut off. It was a long day. . . I have gotten used to pouring cold water on myself for showers. That’s one thing good about the warm weather.

* Kind of stunned at the pay for different folks around here – most of all, the pastors. Many only make US$50/month. Yikes. You need at least one year of college to work at the shopping mall. You need a college degree to work at Jollibee. Life is tough here, for the college educated as well as those without a college education.

* On a lighter note, we visited the seminary to pick up a missionary who’s joining us for the mission trip to Banaue. I have to say that the beautiful, single, American nurse, Monika Bautista, drew quite a bit of attention from the students, but Pastor Anne and I were like a steel curtain around her . . . :). The mission leader’s daughter, single and a doctor here, has joined us. Monika is relieved.

* I cannot believe how dogs, chickens, cows, water buffalo’s get along with each others. . .

Anyhow, time to go. ..

prayers for a successful mission in Banaue!