June 2014: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
Leading, Growing, Getting Ready for God’s Coming!

We have really been blessed to be part of the Readiness 360 training in our Annual Conference. For the last four months we have met for training with other churches, Pastor SunHee and I meet with our coach, and our team meets together with our coach for reflection and discussion of the training material. We are quite blessed in our Annual Conference with resources and leaders. Our coach, Rev. Craig Dale at Antioch Church on the Rock, has been a great part of our team helping us to listen and focus.

We recently discussed a model for training and discipleship. You may have heard or seen this in other settings.

D1. I do, you watch (unconscious incompetence/directive)
D2. I do, you help (conscious incompetence/coaching)
D3. You do, I help (conscious competence/collaborative)
D4. You do, I watch (unconscious competence/delegation)

People experience a great challenge moving from D2 helping to D3 doing. In D3 we become very aware of what we don’t know or conscious incompetence. We were incompetent before and not aware of how much we did not know. At this stage of moving from D2 to D3, it can feel overwhelming and very anxious. Some would describe it as feeling stuck in a pit. If we cannot move further on, we often slip back to D1 and are more comfortable being directed. We have all felt this before.

To get out of the anxiety pit and move ahead, we need help to stay focused on the Vision and Grace. Vision keeps pointing us to where we are going to. We need to have Grace for ourselves and others as we continue to fumble and learn on the way. A coach can help us get out of the pit and on to D3 and D4.

As we considered this, we realized two wonderful things happening at SAINT PAUL. First is that anxiety is a sign of movement and growth and not necessarily cause for concern. We have faced different times of anxiety over the years and will likely in the future. We have trusted and followed God and seen people and ministry grow.

Second, we see this growth in many existing teams deepening, more recent teams becoming more stable and new teams being formed. For example, our Small group leaders and resource teams are well established and continue to improve and adapt. Teams formed in recent years include the SAINT PAUL Youth (SPY) leaders, Praise team, Outreach, Heritage Sunday and Memorial Care, among others. These teams continue to gain experience, grow in listening to the Spirit and serving in our community.

Finally there are new groups that formed or reorganized this last year. These include Kingdom Kidz, Preschool Board, Greeters and Ushers, Intermission College class, Men of Faith and Visitation.

How wonderful that these teams are functioning and in place so that when I went on vacation, Pastor SunHee and I knew things would be well cared for. We have many hands doing the work of God’s ministry. We praise God for all of you and the good work happening!

As we each work with different teams, we see tangible fruit of God’s Spirit among us. We coach one on one and also with teams or groups of people. As we look to our ongoing expansion in ministry, we are looking at how we might use our time more wisely to support and build up SAINT PAUL as we continue this journey of faith together.

Please keep us and SAINT PAUL in your prayers that God will keep preparing us for His Spirit’s outpouring!

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