December 2014: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
The Greatest Story

I was looking at my internet browser history for something I had done earlier in the week. It keeps track of every website you look at. I was surprised and reminded of all the things I had gone to and looked at in just a few days, even just for a moment. Try it yourself!

The internet is full of all kinds of stories. It is like a library in your own home or one you carry with you on your phone or tablet. It is up to you to figure out what you want to consider looking at or not.

Some are true and some are not. Some things were important, some were interesting facts, some were just silly, curious or odd. There were sites that I ended up at after clicking one link to another, to another and another. You know how it is….

At times I find it overwhelming how much information is out there and how easily I can spend (waste!) my time reading and looking around the internet. When I read interesting or inspiring or helpful articles, I share them with others.

What makes a wonderful story? It may be meaningful or full of adventure, or have unexpected twists, endearing characters, villains, challenges….

As we begin December, we enter into the season of the greatest story ever—God made flesh. At SAINT PAUL, we are people of Inspiration, Incarnation and Intersection. The coming of Jesus at Christmas is the beginning of this great reality!

Inspiration: Have you ever left an ideal situation to go to a challenging and vulnerable situation? Maybe you were angry, resistant, resentful and wondering why me?! You may not have had a choice or did it for some very important reason. What kind of important reason could there be to do this?

Jesus left the wonder of heaven and God’s presence to do what?! Be with us in the mess of this world. Why would Jesus come? Love. And to give us a future we had no idea of.

Incarnation: Jesus is God in flesh, present in the world as a human. Incarnate means in flesh or to make flesh. ‘Nuff said.

Intersection: Jesus came to cross paths with us. He invites us to follow Him and share our lives together.

What could be more inspiring than to meet God in person?!

SAINT PAUL is a place of Inspiration, touched by the Spirit, changed by grace.

Let’s be open to being inspired this Christmas season!


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