March 2015: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
Staying Focused on Jesus

Four years ago during a slow economy, we began our Capital Campaign of Building a Future Through Faith. God led us to build as it became obvious our existing facility was limiting ministry for God’s Kingdom. Limited space for our Kingdom Kidz, lack of space for adult Sunday School classes or expanding our summer Vacation Bible School, and an increasingly tight church calendar at 33350 Peace Terrace for ministry, small groups, planning and service. We met our goal of $500,000 in pledges towards a new Ministry Center.

So much has happened in these years. We signed contracts with Proforma Construction and PWC Architects in October 2012. City permits were issued in February 2014. Costs increased during that time and we approved changes in March 2014. Construction began in May 2014.  Some things have taken longer than expected with increased overall construction, delay in material orders, rain at unfortunate times and waiting on inspections and approval. Construction has moved steadily with the involvement of the Building Committee.

Many of you know that any construction often includes unexpected changes in price and design. We try to allow for some of this. In November, some hidden conditions became apparent as they began work above the existing bathrooms and kitchen. The architectural design in that area would not be possible and alternate designs were offered.

The Building Committee met with the Contractor, walked through the Ministry Center and reviewed options. The change in design will maintain a large storage room over the kitchen and 2nd floor bathrooms with an additional janitor closet above the existing bathrooms. This will require a balcony extending into the existing hallway for entrances. The costs for these changes will be about $200,000.

When we first explored options and costs for additional space, we received estimates of $1 million just to put a second floor over our existing bathrooms and offices. We rejected that option since we could get more space with a new building at that cost. The current change will provide additional space over half of our existing first floor and the kitchen for 1/5 of that estimated price four years ago. It will provide valuable space for God’s ministries. Our church currently lacks storage space. Many ministry teams keep their supplies in their own homes and bring them to church. Without this change the bathrooms would be in the new Ministry Center, eliminating the conference room and storage room.

This additional work required that Pastor Sun Hee move out of her office and the sanctuary closets storing worship items, chairs and tables be cleared out. (The Youth group has the only remaining closet in the church!) Refreshment supplies are temporarily in the sound room. Thank you to Manny Bautista and the UMM for moving furniture and things into the hall and storage shed. Some worship banners and things are at my house.

Our Building Committee has prayerfully worked to consider our needs, watch costs and be good stewards on behalf of God and our congregation. We are assured that our Contractors are working hard to keep costs down and complete the job in a timely and quality manner. This change will be a valuable addition.

How will we pay for this additional amount? $162,000 will come from:

  • $27,000 – Building fund balance Jan 2015 (construction loan will cover the remaining original contract costs)
  • $40,000 – SPUMC surplus (15K remaining for emergencies)
  • $50,000 – Preschool surplus (20K remaining for emergencies)
  • $18,000 – 2015 Preschool contribution
  • $27,000 – 2015 cell tower leases

It would be easy to be distracted by the change or the amount or the delay. This is not something that any one of us can do alone. It is something we can do together for God and with God’s leading. Let’s keep our focus on our Lord Jesus.

We are close to the needed amount. Would you please pray and consider additional gifts to our Building fund this year? God has so clearly led us to this step. He will surely lead the way to complete it.  How will we each be part of what God is already blessing? God is leading us to be part of His work together. We are Building a Future Through Faith in the One who is able.

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