April 2015: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
Making Room for Jesus

We started off this Lent season focused on having Christ-Centered Hearts with our Revival speakers, Rev. Siosifa Hingano and Pastor Pete Hingano. Our worship preaching has used Enemies of the Heart by Rev. Andy Stanley. What a practical help on some basic things that get in the way of our life with God and clog up our hearts from having more of Jesus! Sometimes the Holy Spirit just puts things together in wonderful ways.

Recently I had a few sessions with a personal trainer at the gym to help me with my exercising. This was a first for me. Each session focuses on a different part of the body – core, legs, upper body. (My arms are still feeling rubbery from the other day.) I noticed that he 1) makes goals beyond what I would myself, 2) watches and makes sure I do them correctly so I don’t hurt myself and get the most from the workout, and 3) helps me when I can’t do it myself.

This is so much like our life in general and life with God. Most of us would stay comfortable where we are and not push ourselves and our faith as far as someone else would. As we go beyond our abilities to build new abilities, we are not doing things correctly since our muscles are learning it and not strong enough. I am so frustrated when I try to do more and then hurt myself or do not really get the benefit of working out. This is when I usually get sloppy, hurt myself or just stop. Maybe you know this pattern too.

What was wonderful is that when I struggled to do the exercises, he would gently help lift the weights while I did as much as I could to so I could complete the workout. What a weakling I felt like! And I am getting stronger.

Isn’t this true with God and the body of Christ? We have friends, small groups, leaders and the Holy Spirit ministering to us to follow Jesus beyond our comfort zone, to correct us and help us when we cannot do it ourselves. And we can grow stronger in faith and following Jesus!

I hope your hearts are feeling cleaner and healthier from guilt, anger, greed and jealousy. I heard that the sermon topics have led to lots of conversation! Praise God!
Remember, fights are fueled by “I’m not getting what I want.” James 4:1-3. Let’s admit this together, pray to God honestly and celebrate the successes of others as we continue to serve with the gifts God gives each of us. God is doing amazing and wonderful things here among us. We have so many talented and gifted people! God will use it all to build up the body of Christ and tell others about Jesus!


Cleaning Our Hearts for Jesus

  • Fight Guilt with Confession
  • Fight Anger with Forgiveness
  • Fight Greed with Generosity
  • Fight Jealousy with
  1. Admit – Do you know what the problem is? I’m not getting what I want.
  2. Bring all your desires and disappointments to God.
  3. Actively celebrate the success of others.

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