June 2015: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
Tutoring and Following Jesus / Being Salt and Light

Our Outreach team led us in thinking about our gifts and talents and how we can share them with one another and serve the community. I really enjoyed my years of teaching math and science. This school year I became a tutor with Compassion Network in their BOOST tutoring program. I offered to tutor junior high and high school math and was willing to serve where needed. I ended up tutoring 1st through 3rd graders.

The other tutors were retired and active teachers, recent college graduates and high school students who want to give back to the community. Someone else made nice snacks each week. As we met weekly, I got to know my students. I learned about their families and heard what they did over the weekend. Gifts were given by Compassion Network at Christmas and Easter. I prayed for them and their families. By the end of the school year we were like family.

We just had the end of the year celebration with pizza, certificates, gifts and a raffle. It was so nice to meet parents and celebrate their children together. One single mom told me that she tells her daughter to work hard because she will be alone one day and needs to care for herself. I think this is part of her experience and religious belief. It saddened and surprised me. I pray for them and want to tell them that our Lord Jesus is always with us so we don’t need to ever be alone.

Our new FamilyMatters Ministry team presented in worship in May. Their logo is FamilyMatters ….. “where we celebrate your greatest joys and hold you in your deepest pains.

I believe our vision statement of Inspiration Incarnation Intersection along with this describes who SAINT PAUL is. Being an intergenerational community is an essential part of our life together and how God has formed us.

Our building is expected to be completed this month of June. What will we do with it? How will it be a resource to tell and show others of God’s love? It is more than a place for us to use together. It is a place for God’s Inspiration Incarnation and Intersection. It is a place where FamilyMatters and that family is God’s family.

Our Preschool Director has been collecting a wait list of students. Part of it is because we thought the Ministry Center would be completed by now and the Preschool expanded. It is also because people are looking for a good place for their children and wanting to secure that place at Precious Time. We have more than 20 children on the wait list currently!

This July I will be leading a class called Forming: Change by Grace. Through scripture and prayer, we will deepen our joy with God and grow in a healing relationship with Him. A group will be offered in the morning and the evening, please let me know if you are interested. Let us go deeper so we can reach out to one another and beyond our walls.

Our current preaching series is “Jesus says I AM” from the book of John. Jesus is the bread of life -our every day most basic of food. Have you been savoring Him throughout your day? Jesus is the light of the world, helping us to see and follow Him. His light shows us the way to His Kingdom love and mercy, not the world’s success, beauty or power. Are you seeing more of what God sees?

Jesus equips us to follow Him. We do not do it ourselves and definitely not alone. What is next in the life of SAINT PAUL as we reach out to tell others of the love of Jesus? I can’t wait to see where God takes us!

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