Day One – Lance

  • Survived flight – 14 hours with no movies or tv! Good thing my yoga lessons allowed me to explore new positions of sleeping in the airplane chair.
  • Baggage handlers were giving us problems, but Ernie Alviar saved the day.  Ask him what he did.
  • Drive to Pastor Paul’s house was exciting. Manila during rush hour, in a three car convoy was hair-raising. My driver was too pro. He drove like a man possessed. I don’t think I would ever have the guts to drive in that kind of traffic.
  • Cultural observations: a billboard for a restaurant chair offerred “All the rice you can eat!”  Wouldn’t have seen that in America.
  • Lots of eating and resting today. Went for a walk and wound up with an hour visit with the pastor of a local Methodist church.  More eating. . .
  • Tomorrow we go to buy supplies, and begin prep for first two mission days on Friday and Saturday.  Pastor
    Anne, Pastor Paul and Pastor Stan are out getting another car to deliver supplies.  Trying to stay up a little longer before I hit the sack.
  • Preparing a little testimony in case I am asked to share something.  Pastor Paul told me to prepare in case.  Friday’s youth program about how God pursues you resonated with me and made me reflect how God has pursued me during my lifetime. . .   testimony is ready to go.  Bring it on!
  • Pray for us!