January 2015: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
Faith Sharing – 2015 Theme

As we come to the end of 2014, we excitedly anticipate the completion of our Ministry Center in 2015! It is an amazing time together as we listen to God’s Spirit and dream of new possibilities for making disciples of Jesus Christ in our not too future space.

We have completed our 3 year Capital Campaign, Building a Future through Faith! Our success depends on the God we follow working through us, the people in our congregation!  We are blessed by the generosity of our congregation who give so freely with their offerings of their time, talent and treasures for God’s work at SAINT PAUL. I give thanks for everyone that makes this possible together!

Our theme for this new year of 2015 is Faith Sharing. Our Readiness 360 team has been meeting since the summer of 2013. The team includes pastors, Mel Bactad, Pam Blankenbeckler, Monika Bautista, Nina Bautista, Rennie Bautista and Rommel Perez. We studied characteristics of vitality and multiplication : spiritual intensity, cultural openness, dynamic relationships and missional alignment. The team attended trainings, reflecting on how the material applied to SAINT PAUL, listening and discerning together about what God is already doing at our church and where God’s Spirit is leading us next for greater vitality.

We looked at demographics that give us an idea of who lives near the church by age and interests according to the last census. This helped us think about the potential people that we can connect with and serve in the community. How can the gifts and people in our church match with those around us to share the gospel, serve God and build God’s kingdom? Remember that our goal is not just to add one by one to our congregation but to multiply like rabbits!

We were asked to identify one strength of our congregation to begin focusing on. The team selected Faith Sharing. We agreed that SAINT PAUL is a place where people freely talk about their life with God with others. Pastor Sun Hee and I agree that it is more freely than many other churches. In 2014 we began to have at least one testimony a month in worship and/or in the newsletter. We also tried videos for our Facebook page and website.

This year we will be focusing on Faith Sharing. Take time to think about and share with one another:

What is good about Faith Sharing in our church?

What is good about Faith Sharing for you personally?

How does Faith Sharing make disciples?

Here are a few ways the Readiness 360 team answered these questions.

Faith Sharing in our church

  • Brings the community closer.
  • Is a way to get to know Jesus through other people and their stories.
  • Shows that this is real to someone I know now.

Faith Sharing for me is

  • A practical way to see how God is working now instead of thinking things are luck or coincidence.
  • Makes you reflect on your own life and makes your faith life more solid.

Faith Sharing makes disciples

As part of the never ending circle of accepting Jesus and going deeper in sharing, service and participation. It is part of discipleship.

How can each of us and all of us use our strength of Faith Sharing to make disciples of Jesus Christ, build the SAINT PAUL community and reach out to others? What are the opportunities God is already providing? I look forward to what God will do!

O LORD, prepare us to receive your coming and to join you in what You are already blessing!

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