January 2015: A Word from Pastor Sun Hee

A Word from Pastor Sun Hee
Family Matters…

If you have been around SAINT PAUL for some time, you will know that one of the deepest-rooted values of our community is family. When we gather together for worship, we feel like a family: we know each other, we are comfortable with each other, we actually like each other! And of course, many in SAINT PAUL are literally family with each other (you know who you are).

As such, it’s clear that in our church, family matters. We believe in the value of having a culture of a healthy church family, and we believe that individual families, regardless of its particular make-up, need to be supported and encouraged by such a culture. But we also believe that it’s not easy building healthy and fruitful family lives in the 21st Century. Families are often times overwhelmed by distractions, busy schedules, and life’s pressures and challenges. In other words, everyone needs help when it comes to building the healthy family life that God desires for us.

I am so excited that in the New Year, SAINT PAUL will be launching the brand new Family Ministries to offer such help, support and encouragement. This launch comes from the work of many meetings, a great amount of prayer, and the visioning of our Family Ministry Team. This will be one of key areas where we do “Faith-Sharing”—theme and our focus in 2015, and as a way of kicking this off, Pastor Anne and I will be preaching a sermon series early on in the year entitled, “Ancient Families, Modern Lessons”. It’s going to be an amazing series in which we will look at some ancient stories in the Bible about different types of family relationships and different types of family challenges, and extracting modern, every day application to our family life. What we will see in this series is that the Bible actually has a lot to say about family matters and that what the Bible says is still quite applicable to our living in the 21st Century.

Regardless of whether your family is big, small, just beginning, or broken, you will find this series very helpful to making your family life better and stronger and more based in the values and standards of God. And hopefully, you will find SAINT PAUL standing with you and your family throughout 2015 as you experience both the joy and struggle of being a family together! Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!

Praying in eager expectation,

Pastor Sun Hee

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