September 2015: A Word from Pastor Anne

A Word from Pastor Anne
Here We Are!

It is hard to believe that we are finally here anticipating the completion of the Virginia Maniti Williams Ministry Center! It has been over a year with a variety of speed bumps and temporary road blocks. God has led the way through it all.

In the summer, we were required by the elevator inspector to add air conditioning to the elevator equipment room. The Great Hall ceiling and upper walls had additional work to increase the fire rating per inspection requirements. Kitchen appliances and cabinets are being installed. Plumbing is being installed. The final portions are being textured and painted. Furnishings for the new spaces are being looked at by Cheryl Konno (Trustees) and Manny Bautista.

We have received an $100,000 loan at 3% from our El Camino District Church Extension Society. We will be talking with Fremont Bank, our lender, to explore including the additional costs in our mortgage loan.

Our Precious Time Christian Preschool continues to add students to their wait list in anticipation of the start date in our new space. The Preschool Board is working with them as they plan for the move and licensing requirements to determine our new school capacity. Director Wanda Sawicka estimates perhaps 55 students. With our wait list and current students, we are close to that total already! That means we will be close to capacity when we start! (Did you know that young families in the community are talking about how great our Preschool is?) They may need help picking up new furniture and assembling items. Contact Vicki Ramirez if you are interested in helping.

I am not sure if we would have started all this if we had known ahead of time the challenges, needs and costs we would face. And here we are now with the building almost done! God has filled the gaps and helped us to stretch beyond what we thought we could.

And doesn’t it look amazing?! Many have commented on how large the new space is. It will about double our overall square footage.

If you talk to any of our long time members, this building is much hoped for and anticipated (since the existing building was built). We know that God led us to this point when our existing space was limiting ministry here at SAINT PAUL. And we had a successful building campaign, Building A Future Through Faith, during a slow economy. And God has led us through a variety of change orders and additional costs. What God has led us to do, He is completing and we get to be part of it! And it is not done with our building ready for occupancy and contractors leaving.

This building is a step (a BIG step but still only a step) along the way of the ministry that God is leading us into. This opens additional possibilities for ministries such as afterschool program, exercise classes for the community, retreats and luncheons to welcome newcomers. People are talking about renting out the upstairs space for parties and events or hosting community events.

Let’s celebrate together on Sunday, September 20th when Bishop and Mrs. Brown are coming for the Virginia Maniti Williams Ministry Center dedication. We have so much to celebrate!



The Virginia Maniti Williams Ministry Center is our shared legacy. We get to be part of this happening. And the even greater legacy will be the people who come to know and become fruitful followers of Jesus- building God’s Kingdom and blessing others in the name of Jesus. Our hope is not simply in a building. It is in our Lord Jesus Christ who invites us to continue to follow Him and tell others about Him. Please continue to pray for guidance, safety and trust in God.

What a great year this is as we finish our 50th anniversary of our church and 20 years here at our present location. And there is so much more yet to come! God’s Holy Spirit is mighty!

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