September 2015: A Word from Pastor Sun Hee

A Word from Pastor Sun Hee
21 And they came, everyone whose heart was stirred, and everyone whose spirit was willing, and brought the Lord’s offering to be used for the tent of meeting, and for all its service, and for the sacred vestments.  – Exodus 35:21

It’s finally here! In September 20, we are dedicating the Virginia Maniti Williams Ministry Center to Lord and His mission. I am so excited about this, as we have been anticipated this for sometime now. It has been definitely on our mind for the last few weeks as we watched some visual signs of close to completion —to name a few, thank God for having bathrooms back and back side entrance is open for the first time! The final touches are on the way as we speak.

I cannot help but thinking of Exodus 35, where the whole community (Israel) that Moses called and invited to help build the tabernacle. Everyone is invited and involved. If you read the whole chapter 35, you would find familiar spirit that we shared in building up our place of worship and place of His mission to be carried out. God has called us to contribute in many different ways –our prayers, financial resources, energy, time, hearts and talents. I am so thankful for all of you who have responded His call with faithfulness. As in verse 22 following this call of building tabernacle, it is written that “So both men and women; all who were of a willing heart brought…” This is the image that I hold dear to my heart as I think of you. We were of indeed a willing hearts to serve our Lord. This gives us the confidence that when we follow His call together, we can do anything, even if we might be small or humble individually. God will take our offering of hearts and willingness and turn them into something that of great things in God’s Kingdom. I am reminded of His great promise when we put our minds and hearts in His purpose—“Though your beginning was small,
Yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” (Job 8:7 NKJV)

My fellow workers, this is definitely not an end but another awesome beginning. Let us be at one heart with our common vision of the Great Commission –make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name o the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Let us follow the stirring of the Spirit and continue to ‘build’ God’s ministry long after our Ministry Center is completed! It’s time to celebrate and time to get to work!

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